Thursday, March 11, 2010

How to Get a 25 Minute Workout in the Pool

Tonight I got off work a little late and was heading up to the gym trying to think of what I needed to get done to feel like I had actually had a good workout with the limited time I had of less than 30 minutes.

I hate rushing myself through a training session, especially because I usually swim, bike, or run to hard and end up injured or nearly drowning so I pieced together a workout that I thought would give me the benefit of cardio, resistance training, and form training for racing. Based on those factors, I hopped into the pool.

So, with less than 30 minutes to get faster and stronger here is the workout I came up with. This workout was quick and painless, but I think I benefited more by doing it rather than skipping my workout entirely and heading home to eat Girl Scout Cookies and milk while sitting on the couch watching Survivor.

Swim Workout - 25 minutes - 1550yds
Set 1
500yds @ 00:07:30
Rest: 00:00:30

Set 2
400yds @ 00:06:00
Rest: 00:00:30

Set 3
300yds @ 00:04:30
Rest: 00:00:15

Set 4
200yds @ 00:03:00
Rest: 00:00:15

Set 5
100yds @ 00:01:30
Rest: 00:00:15

Set 6
50yds @ 00:00:45

Total Swim Time: 23:15
Total Rest Time: 1:45
Total Time: 25:00

Quick and painless. Give it a shot if you want and let me know what you think!

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