Monday, April 5, 2010

Can a High Pollen Count Impact Heart Rate Training?

I went for a run today after work and the heat had inched up to about 85 degrees. I am happy to run in the heat, and actually welcome it. I am somewhat accustomed to running in heat and humidity so I was shocked to see my heart rate was about 10 beats per minute higher than it would typically be in a run like I had today.

So, I started thinking about other variables that could be in play here to raise my heart rate above normal. 1) Stress? Yes, I'm stressed. 2) Lack of sleep. Well, yes I could probably use a few more hours of sleep. 3) High volumes of caffeine intake throughout the day? Yes, I'll have another double espresso please.

Okay, okay, so all of these factors are probably likely causes that raised my heart rate up a couple of ticks, but what about POLLEN??? My heart rate must have been impacted by this, right? I guess I'm just looking for an excuse that is based on something I have no control over (Mother Nature) rather than something I could simply alter in my daily life... like one less cup of double strength coffee.

I'm heading back out to the trail tomorrow after work. Less coffee, more water, and will train at a heart rate of 145-150 to see what my pace is.

Should be fun!


Spence said...

Very plausible explanation. I spend tons of time in heavy dust and insulation when installing camera wires in attics and I notice a huge difference in my breathing, especially coughing. I'm wearing masks now because it was just too darn spooking to think about what was getting in my lungs. I would be interested to know if there would be a difference if you wore one of those cheap dust masks that you get at any hardware store. People would absolutely think you were a freak.

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  Sunday run in the rain.