Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday's are for resting the legs and reseting the brain

I spent a good amount of time on the couch with our dog today. Not for any other reason but to try and recharge my body for the training that I want to commit to over the next 2 months. An increase in distance and pace always has me thinking of the worst case scenario like injury from too much or sickness from generally not taking care of myself as I continually beat my body down to a withered pulp.

I've got a couple of goals in mind that include running a marathon before the end of the year and seriously adding swimming and cycling back into my run routine. I think the swim and bike efforts will help with prevent injury and the marathon race, well that will just be fun.

So, until I get started down that path I'm planning on spending some time on the couch with the dog. Good times.

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  Sunday run in the rain.