Sunday, July 18, 2010

Running Without Direction and Finding a Great Route

I got out early this morning for my run but wasn't sure how far or where I was heading. Sometimes having a plan to run but not really having a plan of where or how far to run makes for an interesting day.

Today it turned out to be a great idea. I just laced up the shoes, put on the heart rate monitor, and turned left outside my front door. The past few runs I've done have been tough. I haven't been comfortable until well into the run, sometimes 4-5 miles before I start to feel normal. So, this morning I decided to take the run easy and to keep my Heart Rate Average down.

The random route I picked had me turning left down side-streets where I knew large hills lived. I wanted to get a couple of good hills in and the random left and right turns paid out with the big hills.

The run turned out well. A little over 7 miles and my AVG HR was only 135 BPM and with my pace at only 8:00/mile the run was clearly a relaxing few miles through the rolling hills.

I've got a few more runs scheduled for this week. Might make a couple of those just as random as today to see if I can land another run as great as today's.

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zbsports said...

When running direction is important that is a goal...:D

  Sunday run in the rain.