Sunday, August 22, 2010

16 Week Marathon Plan - Week 1, Day 7

My running has been pretty consistent this past week. I skipped the 4 miler on Thursday, but the rest of the week has been right on track. Today was no different. I got up early and hit the road before 7am. The weather was 84 degrees but there was a nice breeze that helped out.

I ran a portion of the Dallas White Rock Marathon during the run. I think I'll keep adding a couple of sections of the race in the coming weeks because this is the third time I've ran the route and I'm starting to know when the uphills are coming and when the downhills and flat lands return. That kind of knowledge should be helpful for the actual marathon.

Workout Summary
Actual Time:1:29:00
Pace: 8:14/mile
Planned Distance:10 miles
Actual Distance:10.82 miles
Calories:1305 calories

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brooks running shoes said...

I'm glad I drifted to your blog. I'm motivated to have my marathon plan and to have all my out put placed in my blog. Thanks for your post! Keep posting.
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  Sunday run in the rain.