Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to Make the Best out of a Boring Run

16 Week Marathon Training Plan - Week 6 - Day 2

I ran another route by guessing the distance based on the total time running this morning. I knew the route I wanted to go, and I decided to turn for home after 20 minutes to get a 40 minute run in. If all went according to plan, I would average an easy pace of 8:00/mile and after 40 minutes I would hit my goal of 5 miles for the morning. It was a total success… kind of. I picked up the pace on the way home to negative split the run so I knew if I followed the exact route I had gone out on I wouldn’t finish the 40 minutes, much less the 5 miles. So I altered the route home by taking the long way around the park and that turned out to be a great decision. I ended up with 5 miles exactly and the run was over before I knew it.

Heading out for a timed run and paying attention to your pace to try and guess the distance ran can take some of the monotony out of running. I wouldn’t suggest doing it on important training runs where the focus on pace is crucial, but I think it is good to do on some of the easy runs where you’re just looking to get some minutes on your legs instead of really worrying to much about the actual distance.

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