Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Training at marathon pace: Goal - Negative split each mile

16 Week Marathon Training Plan - Week 6 - Day 3

Today's run was another marathon pace run. I've been trying to keep steady during those runs and to keep the pace up around 7:20 or so. The weather this morning was cool and I knew that would mean my pace would probably be a little faster than previous marathon pace runs.

I warmed up with a little over a mile run to the starting point of the main set of marathon pace miles. By the time I got to the first mile marker I was right at 7:00 minutes per mile. That was a bit faster than I wanted to go, but this morning my goal was to negative split every other mile so on the next mile I was at 6:58. The negative split the next two miles by about 10 seconds and the last 2 miles by another 5 seconds.

These marathon pace runs are fun but can be a bit boring when done on a 1 mile out and back route. To make things interesting this morning I added the goal of negative splitting every other mile. That truly helped break up the monotony of running out and back on the same route and I was able to get a little better at pacing myself as well.

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