Saturday, October 30, 2010

20 Mile Long Run with Garmin 305

With 36 days left until the Dallas White Rock Marathon, I was happy to get this 20 mile run logged in the books. Last weekend I put together a terrible attempt at a long run that had me stopping mid-way through and walking home. Not good.

Today was different. I bought the Garmin 305 yesterday to help me accurately calculate the distance. I could have mapped it out before running, but I thought I would have forgotten a turn or two by mile 16 so having GPS along for the run was the right idea.

The run was great. I felt very strong at mile 10 and could have easily kept the pace below 8:00/mile but I new keeping the pace easy was important, and again, the Garmin helped me keep a good steady pace throughout the run.

Next week is an easy week and then I have a 23 miler before tapering for the Dallas White Rock Marathon. I'm looking forward to more training with the Garmin and tracking my performance with the cool online software.

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