Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Mileage Ramp Up - Run Training Plan

I've been resting, stretching, and strengthening my hamstrings and back for weeks now and I'm finally starting to get back into running. That is great news... but at times like these I always find myself pushing to hard to early and end up injuring myself and taking even more time off. Not this time.

I plan on running the 2011 Dallas White Rock Marathon this year, but that isn't until December and my training for that race won't start until September, or even August, so the focus until that starts will be to build up mileage and maybe hit a couple of 5k, 10k, and Half Marathons before that starts.

The photo above shows a sample training plan that I might follow for 8 weeks to get back into a normal running routine nice an slowly. I will likely change up some of the core workouts during the week, but I think this plan provides distances to just go run if I don't have speed work, hills, or other goals in mind.

This plan is pretty vanilla, but it is definitely what I need to stay focused on not injuring my back or hamstring. That would suck.

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