Saturday, March 26, 2011

On the Run Again

I did not feel like running this morning. It was one of those 6am wake up calls that you wish you could hit snooze and enjoy the comfortable bed, worm comforter, and general laziness. I somehow managed to pry myself off the pillow and made it out the door by 6:30.

I didn't have a big route planned for the morning, but I wanted to try my new Asics Gel-DS Sky Speeds out on a hilly route I've done a few times. Overall, I had a pretty great run. The water fountains are still turned off along miles 3 and 4 of my route which sucked but other than that, it was a good day of running.

The shoes felt great and my hamstring and back seemed to be cooperating as well. I took the time to stretch for about 15 minutes after the run which helped as well.

Happy to be on the run again. Good times.

Run Summary
Distance: 6.32 Miles
Pace: 7:46 Per mile

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  Sunday run in the rain.