Monday, June 13, 2011

The First Run Back

I laced up the shoes this morning and was out the door by 5:30am. A bit later than my early runs last summer, but at least I was up and heading for the run.

After about the first 5 minutes of running through the street lamp lit streets I remembered that, no matter what my endurance level was, the first mile was the always the toughest. I plowed through the first mile in about 8 minutes and finally started to feel normal.

My running route is a new one and seeing the different scenery helped the next couple of miles fly by. On the last mile of my run I came across a couple of hills and made sure to keep my pace consistent to finish strong.

This was a short slow run and I wrapped it up at about 8:00/mile pace. The rolling hills will likely take their toll on my legs tomorrow so my advice to anyone just starting out would be to avoid hills for at least the first week or two. The pain you will avoid on your rest days in being sore will keep you enjoying the pain and suffering of training hard!

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