Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to Start a Marathon Program from Scratch

I'm a runner, or at least I was about 3 months ago. As a runner, you run. As a runner who takes a break for 3 months, you're still a runner... just a runner on vacation from lacing up the shoes at 5am and blazing a trail through the morning's darkness.

I've decided to come in from the cold and settle back into being a runner. I've got a goal race in December, The Dallas White Rock Marathon, and my 16 Week training plan will formally kick into action in August. I've got some work to do in order to ramp up my mileage slow enough that I don't get injured, but fast enough so I can make the most out of my training plan.

Here are the keys to my success:
1) Ramp up mileage slowly over 8 weeks
2) Stretch every day and after every run
3) Run in the mornings to shake the legs out during the day
4) Keep the diet on track
5) Keep track of my progress on
6) Blog about the pleasure and pain
7) Start Marathon training in August on a high note!

I've got got about 8 weeks to ramp up and I plan on a lot of slow miles to get the juices flowing again and to work out the kinks. Here is a sample ramp up that I might use. I'm trying to keep it simple, but I think this little ramp up plan will be good to get me started and keep me going.

I feel like I'm starting over from square one, so the goal is to stay consistent, stretch a lot, and keep all of the miles at a good easy pace. I plan to document my progress and hope to PR in December!


Ron said...

Very cool, informative blog. Thanks for the add!

Mark said...

Yeah, but there is something nice about starting anew. I find that I am a little more disciplined after the season when I come back again.

Good luck!

Cord Courrege said...

Thanks Ron, and Mark. I appreciate you stopping by. I'm looking forward to finally getting back into serious training and racing. Good luck to you both!

  Sunday run in the rain.