Sunday, July 3, 2011

Running Away from Cramps and Mind Games

Finally, a run that I wasn't completely horrified about. I took to the hills again today and instead of shooting pains through my calves I found a new stride that felt more like it did in December of last year rather than how it has been feeling the past few weeks. I actually enjoyed this run which is something else that has been missing from my training.

I'm happy to finally be running from the mind games and the cramping issues I've had. One of the big trick to overcome the Mind Games has been to re-do a run that beats me down. When I run a route that destroys me, I come back the following day and take it down with a nice slow methodical run like I had today. Yes, my pace was slower than I wanted, but I beat the hell out of those hills and my confidence has been given a healthy boost.

As for overcoming the cramps. I've made a change to my diet which includes more water and less coffee. That has actually helped quite a bit without much other tweaking needed so I'll go with it.

Overall, I'm pumped to have some good results coming my way. More miles to run and my fingers are crossed the gains keep coming.

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  Sunday run in the rain.