Saturday, July 2, 2011

Walking when You want to RUN!

I got started a little late today which meant the sun was coming up and the heat was on. The first 10 minutes were not terrible, but I stopped to stretch my calves after hitting 10 minutes of running to avoid the cramps I had a couple of weeks ago. I could feel them coming on.

I made it another 20 minutes without stopping but once I hit the hills I ran the inclines and walked the flats. Doing this took about a 1/2 mile off the total distance because there were A LOT of hills. I made sure to keep my pace quick during the walks but it didn't stop my heart rate from falling dramatically so I guess I'm still in some sort of athletic shape, just not what I was 7 months ago before taking a long, long, long, break.

I'm not too happy with how today's run went because walking when your supposed to be running sucks. I plan on getting out on the run earlier in the morning tomorrow and will run the same route to see how I do. Should be fun!

I can't wait to get back into race form. This little experience with taking months off from running is an awakening to NEVER DO IT AGAIN!!!

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