Saturday, December 1, 2012

December Run Challenge - Run 100 Miles in a Month

I have been out of running, real running, for months.  So, to jump start some Winter training, I decided to join up with and run in one of the Challenges.  Fast forward to today, and I'm 6.2 miles into my 100 mile goal for the month.

Here is the link to the Run 100 Miles in December Challenge on
December Run Challenge

This month of running will be Heart Rate based running instead of pace.  I've been out of it for a while so my goal (besides running 100 miles this month) is to build endurance.  I have a lot of slow miles ahead of me.


Curt @ Accountable Running said...

Awesome! Keep it up, that's a great way to stay accountable. I hope to read more posts in December about your progress.

Good luck,


Unknown said...

All the best for the Heart Rate based running! You will surely achieve your goal of running 100 miles this month. Endurance will surely lead you to success.

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