Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Taking Time Off before the Marathon

The time off from marathon training continues. The holiday season has me running around early and late and my focus on running has, once again, taken a backburner to all the other activities that we have going on as a family (and at work).

I am slowly beginning to realize that I am not going to have the race that I hoped for when I signed up for the Houston Marathon. My goal to PR might be a total long shot at this point and with 25 days left before the marathon, there is no magic hot tub time machine that will take me back 3 weeks to pick up where I left off.

So, winter marathon racing might not be the best idea for a growing family and a very busy work life. Sure, there are a ton of people that do it, and do it well. They make sacrifice time with the family to make sure they keep up the 60+ miles per week they need to stay on top of their game and to PR their next race.

I'm not ready for that type of sacrifice. Time with my family is too important, even if it is a few extra minutes with my kids before they go to bed or in the morning as they get ready for their day. I love to run. I mean, I really love to run. My family is more important though, and hanging out with them does not compare to my love of running. It is not even on the same scale.

Long story short, this has been a great training season and I'm looking to have fun at the Houston Marathon, see old friends, and have a good day of running. The best thing of all, my family will be there... and that is what makes all of this worth while.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Houston Marathon Training Update

The past 2 weeks have been anything but Marathon Training. After taking a planned 5 days off from the training plan, I have added another 5 days of no running to the growing list. What does this mean for my race goal? Well, I still have not figured that out yet.

It seems like every time I set out to train for a big event, I always end up taking some time off within the last 2 months of training.  This happened with the Dallas Marathon I completed a couple of years ago, and history is repeating itself with my Houston Marathon Training.

Instead of freaking out, I'm embracing the time off... spending time with family and friends. Next week I will jump back in to the full stride of training and pick up where I left off at 60+ mile weeks and early morning runs.

My Marathon PR might not be in reach, but I can say I haven't missed a beat this holiday season hanging out with my friends and family... and that balance is what all of this is really all about.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Marathon Training Week 1 of 16 - Summary

The first week of marathon training went well.  It started out a little slow on Monday and Tuesday with some tight hamstring issues that were left over from the 10k on Saturday, but the multiple slow distance runs helped to work that out.  Unlike last year, I'm really starting this training session from a very limited base.  Thankfully, this plan ramps up slow enough that I can keep up with the distances and intensity, while keeping a close eye on the tight hamstrings that are bound to creep up. 
  • Week 1 Miles: 27
  • Houston Marathon Training Miles to Date: 27
The long run of 10 miles turned out easier than I thought it would be, although running in a new area with no idea where the water stops were (if any) was a mental challenge.  I was probably near my threshold of needing fluids, but since I was running so slowly I avoided the bonk.
I need to start running with a water bottle, and I'm thinking of the Simple Hydration bottle.  I hate carrying a water bottle, and can't fathom a hydration belt dangling from my waist for 1.5 to 2 hours on a long run.  It is also small enough to fit in the cup holder of the treadmill, so that is a bonus.
Speaking of treadmills, I did a hill workout and another slow easy pace workout on the treadmill this week.  I plan on another hill workout on the treadmill this week, and will probably try my marathon pace on the treadmill as well.
Getting back to hydration, sweat rate seems to be a crucial factor when trying to figure out how much to drink on the run, and when to drink.  I plan on weighing myself before and after each workout, and to log how much I am losing in contrast to how much I am putting in.  I'll do this indoors and outdoors to get a good gauge of my hydration needs as I move closer to the marathon.  I'll try out my findings in the upcoming races before January.
Good first week.  My goals for Week 2 are:
  • Keep the Hamstrings loose
  • Weigh before and after each workout with detailed enviromental stats
  • Hydrate on the long run
  • Hill Workout on the Tredmill
  • Marathon Pace on the Treadmill

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Contest: Win a Custom Athlete Prayer of your Choice

The October 2013 Contest is for a free Athlete Prayer of your choice to keep for yourself or give to a friend. 

Entry in to the Contest is simple, just send me your favorite Hill Workout on the Treadmill. 

You can Tweet or Direct Message it to me at my Twitter Account: @ontherunblog or use any of the other contact options listed on this website. 

The winner will be picked on Saturday 10/5 and announced on this blog, and Tweeted to the World.  I will also include the winner's workout and a link back to their Twitter Account or Blog.

Check out the Athlete Prayers to see my current products and which ones you might like to keep for yourself, or send along to a friend.

Good luck, and let me know if you have any questions.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Houston Marathon Qualifying Times

I have a few goals for the 2014 Houston Marathon, some of which are still being put together. The first was to actually be chosen in the lottery to run. That was accomplished with a little luck and prayer. Second, I wanted to make sure I was able to run at the front of the starting chute.

Thankfully I turned in a qualifying 10k time by the deadline and was notified yesterday that I will, in fact, be starting somewhere up in the front of the race.

The remaining goals include staying healthy through my 16 weeks of training and racing, as well as putting together a goal pace. I will determine that time somewhere in November as my training and pacing start to take pace. Good times!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Jeff and Bredes Triathlon 2013 - Race Results

The Jeff and Brede's 2013 Triathlon was the first one I have done in about a year. It was good to get out there and see where my fitness level was, and to also see how my age group friends were doing.
The highlight of the race was that I had the fastest run split in my age group. The low light was that my bike split was sub par and my transitions could have used some work.  However, even though my bike split was slow... it was faster than I usually race.  That is mabye another silver lining to this race. 
I learned a lot about the things I do well, and the thing that I do poorly, and I'm looking forward to my race next weekend to see if I can do better on my transitions.
My on going race goals will be to increase my bike speed on these Sprint Distance Triathlons to 22mph+.  That seems to be an average speed among the top guys in my age group and is the most logical goal to put up first.  In addition, I need to do more speed work on the run to make sure I can continue to lower that split and catch up with all the guys who pass me on the bike!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Running Shoe Review - 2013 Brooks Launch Review

I started running in the Brooks Launch a few months ago. Since then I have ran hills, intervals, tempo runs, treadmill runs, and long runs over concrete, asphalt, and dirt. These shoes can do it all.

They have a lot of cushion in the heel and it is easy to heel strike if you get lazy in your stride.  I've been working on a mid-foot strike to forefoot strike and the cushion in the shoe goes all the way up to the toe box.

I do a lot of running in the morning before the sun comes up, and the reflective stips along the back and sides come in handy. 

One more thing to mention is the off-set lacing at the bottom of the laces.  This seems to pull the top of the shoe up off of your foot while giving good support across the top of the foot.  I like this because I have high arches and need to have my foot snug in the shoe.  I also like to have my toes free to do what they want while running the longer miles.  This shoe can make it happen.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How to Get a Triathlon Bike Fit

It can be said that getting a better fit on your bike is more important than losing a few grams of weight. The power in both your downward and upward pedal stroke is crucial to maintaining maximum wattage throughout your Time Trial. Ceramic bearings, deep carbon wheels, and other lightweight aerodynamic gear are all important, but the first step to improving your bike split of your next Triathlon should be your fit on the bike.

To get a good fit, you should seek the help of a professional.  I'm lucky that I live in a town where cycling and triathlon are popular sports.  You can find a bike shop within a couple of miles from where ever you are in Houston, but it should be said that not all Bike Shops are created equal.  When seeking out the aid of a professional bike fitter, you should go to one who is proven in their fitting, has a certification on the tools they use, (and even better) regularly fits cyclists who race professionally in whatever sport you are racing.

Here are things to take in to consideration for the fit that should be looked at by the professional:
  • Shoes, insoles, and cleats
  • Saddle height, and fore/aft positioning
  • Crank length
  • Stem length, stem height
  • Headset length, and angle
  • Arm rest location (for triathlon fit)
These are only a few things that can be tweaked to help with your comfort on the bike as well as your pedal stroke efficiency.  At the very least, you will feel better on the bike and able to put in those 5 hour rides with no problem!

Monday, July 1, 2013

How to follow Tour de France Riders and Teams on Twitter

This post is a quick answer on how to follow the Tour de France and all the Tour de France Riders and Teams with Twitter Accounts. I have tried to make it easy for you. This is a list of the Teams and Riders in the 2013 Tour de France and the Twitter accounts associated with each team and athlete. If you know of any Twitter Accounts for the Riders that I'm missing or for anyone else involved in the TDF that I should add, please let me know by commenting below or sending me a Tweet to @OnTheRunBlog!

Oh, and Follow me on Twitter. I mostly tweet about swimming, biking, and running... and sometimes beer.


Tour de France 2013 - Teams and Cyclist Twitter Accounts

AG2R LA MONDIALE / France - @ag2rlamondialec
Jean-Christophe Péraud (FRA) @jice_peraud
Romain Bardet (FRA) @romainbardet
Samuel Dumoulin (FRA) @SamuelDumoulin
Blel Kadri (FRA)
Sébastien Minard (FRA)
John Gadret (FRA)
Hubert Dupont (FRA)
Christophe Riblon (FRA)

ASTANA PRO TEAM / Kazakhstan - @AstanaTeam
Jakob Fuglsang (DEN) @jakob_fuglsang
Assan Bazayev (KAZ)
Janez Brajkovic (SLO)
Enrico Gasparotto (ITA) @enrigasparotto
Francesco Gavazzi (ITA) @gavazzif
Andrey Kashechkin (KAZ)
Fredrik Kessiakoff (SWE) @FredrikKess
Alexey Lutsenko (KAZ) @alexey_lutsenko
Dmitri Muravyev (KAZ)

BLANCO PRO CYCLING TEAM / Netherlands - @BlancoCycling
Lars Boom (NED) @lars_boom
Laurens ten Dam (NED) @laurenstendam
Robert Gesink (NED) @RGUpdate
Tom Leezer (NED)
Bauke Mollema (NED) @BaukeMollema
Lars Petter Nordhaug (NOR)
Bram Tankink (NED) @bramtankink
Sep Vanmarcke (BEL) @sepvanmarcke
Maarten Wynants (BEL) @wynants82

BMC RACING TEAM / United States - @BMCProTeam
Cadel Evans (AUS) @CadelOfficial
Tejay van Garderen (USA) @TejayVan
Philippe Gilbert (BEL) @PhilippeGilbert
Brent Bookwalter (USA) @brentbookwalter
Marcus Burghardt (GER) @MBurghardt83
Amaël Moinard (FRA) @amaelmoinard
Steve Morabito (SUI)
Manuel Quinziato @manuelquinziato
Michael Schär (SUI) @michaelschaer

CANNONDALE PRO CYCLING / Italy - @ridecannondale
Peter Sagan (SVK)
Maciej Bodnar (POL) @maciejbodnar
Kristijan Koren (SLO)
Alessandro De Marchi (ITA) @ADM_RossodiBuja
Fabio Sabatini (ITA) @SabatiniFabio
Moreno Moser (ITA) @MorenoMoser
Ted King (USA)
Brian Vandborg (DEN) @bvandborg

Yoann Bagot (FRA) @YoannBagot
Jérôme Coppel (FRA) @coppeljerome
Egoitz Garcia (ESP)
Christophe Le Mével (FRA) @ChrisLeMevel
Guillaume Levarlet (FRA) @GLevarlet
Luis Angel Maté (FRA) @luisangelmate
Rudy Molard (FRA) @Rudymolard
Dani Navarro (ESP)
Rein Taaramae (EST)

EUSKALTEL - EUSKADI / Spain - @EuskaltelEuskad
Igor Antón (ESP) @IgorAntonH
Mikel Astarloza (ESP) @mikelastarloza
Gorka Izaguirre (ESP) @izainsausti
Ion Izaguirre (ESP)
Juan José Lobato (ESP) @juanjolobato
Mikel Nieve (ESP) @NieveMikel
Juanjo Oroz (ESP) @Oroz1
Rubén Pérez (ESP) @rubenperez1981
Romain Sicard (FRA)

FDJ / France - @EquipeFDJ
Thibaut Pinot (FRA) @ThibautPinot
Arthur Vichot (FRA) @ArthurVichot
Nacer Bouhanni (FRA) @BouhanniNacer
William Bonnet (FRA) @willbonnet
Murillo Fischer (BRA) @MuriloFischerMF
Jérémy Roy (FRA) @jeremyroy
Pierrick Fédrigo (FRA)
Arnold Jeannesson (FRA)
Alexandre Geniez (FRA)

GARMIN - SHARP / United States - @Ride_Argyle
Ryder Hesjedal (CAN) @ryder_hesjedal
Dan Martin (IRL) @DanMartin86
Andrew Talansky (USA) @andrewtalansky
Tom Danielson (USA) @tomdanielson
Rohan Dennis (AUS) @RohanDennis
Christian Vande Velde (USA) @ChristianVDV
David Millar (GBR) @millarmind
Jack Bauer (NZL)
Ramunas Navardauskas (LTU) @ramunas88

KATUSHA TEAM / Russia - @katushacycling
 Pavel Brutt (RUS)
Alexander Kristoff (NOR) @Kristoff87
Aliaksandr Kuchynski (RUS)
Alberto Losada (ESP) @losadin
Daniel Moreno (ESP)
Joaquim Rodriguez (ESP) @PuritoRodriguez
Gatis Smukulis (LAT) @GSmukulis
Yuriy Trofimov (RUS)
Eduard Vorganov (RUS)

LAMPRE-MERIDA / Italy - @Lampre_Merida
Damiano Cunego(ITA) @DCunego
Przemyslaw Niemiec (POL)
José Serpa (COL) @Jrserpa01
Adriano Malori (ITA)
Roberto Ferrari (ITA)
Matteo Bono (ITA)
Elia Favilli (ITA)
Manuele Mori (ITA)
Davide Cimolai (ITA) @cimo89

LOTTO-BELISOL / Belgium - @Lotto_Belisol
Lars Bak (DEN)
Bart De Clercq (BEL)
André Greipel (GER) @AndreGreipel
Adam Hansen (AUS) @HansenAdam
Greg Henderson (NZL) @Greghenderson1
Jürgen Roelandts (BEL) @jurgenroelandts
Marcel Sieberg (GER) @MarcelSieberg
Jurgen Van den Broeck (BEL)
Frederik Willems (BEL).

MOVISTAR TEAM / Spain - @movistar_team
Alejandro Valverde (ESP) @alejanvalverde
Rui Costa (POR) @RuiCostaCyclist
Nairo Quintana (COL) @NairoQuintana1
Andrey Amador (CRC) @Andrey_Amador
Jonathan Castroviejo (ESP) @jcastroviejo
Rubén Plaza (ESP)
Imanol Erviti (ESP) @ImanolErviti
Iván Gutiérrez (ESP) @Ivangutipal
José Joaquín Rojas (ESP) @jjrojillas

OMEGA PHARMA-QUICK STEP / Belgium - @opqscyclingteam
Mark Cavendish (GBR) @MarkCavendish
Sylvain Chavanel (FRA) @chava_sylvain
Michal Kwiatkowski (POL) @michalkwiatek
Tony Martin (GER) @tonymartin85
Jerome Pineau (FRA) @jejeroule44
Gert Steegmans (BEL) @GertSteegmans
Niki Terpstra (NED) @NikiTerpstra
Peter Velits (SVK) @petervelits

ORICA GREENEDGE / Australia - @Orica_GreenEDGE
Michael Albasini (SUI)
Simon Clarke (AUS) @SimoClarke
Simon Gerrans (AUS) @simongerrans
Matt Goss (AUS) @mattgoss1986
Daryl Impey (RSA) @darylimpey
Brett Lancaster (AUS) @bdlancaster
Cameron Meyer (AUS) @cammeyercyclist
Stuart O'Grady (AUS) @StueyOG
Svein Tuft (CAN) @SveinTuft

RADIOSHACK LEOPARD / Luxembourg - @leopardtrek
Jan Bakelants (BEL) @Jan_Bakelants
Laurent Didier (LUX) @laurent_didier
Tony Gallopin (FRA) @tonygallopin
Markel Irizar (ESP) @Markelirizar
Andreas Klöden (GER)
Maxime Monfort (BEL) @maxmonfort
Andy Schleck (LUX) @andy_schleck
Jens Voigt (GER) @thejensie
Haimar Zubeldia (ESP) @hzubeldia

SKY PROCYCLING / Great Britain - @TeamSky
Christopher Froome (GBR) @chrisfroome
Richie Porte (AUS) @richie_porte
Edvald Boasson Hagen (DEN) @EBhagen
Peter Kennaugh (GBR)
Vasil Kiryienka (BLR) @VasilKiryienka
David Lopez (ESP)
Kanstantsin Siutsou (BLR)
Ian Stannard (GBR) @IStannard
Geraint Thomas (GBR) @GeraintThomas86

SOJASUN / France - @TeamSojasun
Anthony Delaplace (FRA) @anthodelaplace
Jonathan Hivert (FRA) @JonathanHivert
Cyril Lemoine (FRA) @CyriLemoine
Alexis Vuillermoz (FRA)
Brice Feillu (FRA)
Julien Simon (FRA) @juliensimon85
Julien El Farès (FRA)
Jean-Marc Marino (FRA)
Maxime Médérel (FRA) @MaxMederel

TEAM ARGOS-SHIMANO / Netherlands - @1t4i
Roy Curvers (NED)
John Degenkolb (GER) @johndegenkolb
Tom Dumoulin (NED) @tom_dumoulin
Johannes Fröhlinger (GER)
Simon Geschke (GER) @simongeschke
Marcel Kittel (GER) @marcelkittel
Koen de Kort (NED) @koendekort
Albert Timmer (NED)
Tom Veelers (NED) @tom_veelers

TEAM EUROPCAR / France - @TeamEuropcar_fr
Pierre Rolland (FRA) @pierrerolland
Thomas Voeckler (FRA) @voecklerthomas
David Veilleux (FRA)
Kevin Reza (FRA)
Jerome Cousin (FRA) @CousinJerom
Yukiya Arashiro (JPN) @YukiyaArashiro
Davide Malacarne (ITA) @ilmala1
Cyril Gautier (FRA)
Yohann Gene (FRA)

TEAM SAXO-TINKOFF / Denmark - @TeamSaxoTinkoff
Alberto Contador (ESP) @albertocontador
Michael Rogers (AUS) @mickrogers
Roman Kreuziger (CZE) @Roman86_K
Nicolas Roche (IRL) @nicholasroche
Matteo Tosatto (ITA) @Toso_74
Daniele Bennati (ITA) @Benna80
Sergio Paulinho (POR) @sergiompaulinho
Jesus Hernandez (ESP) @jesushernandez3
Benjamin Noval (ESP)

VACANSOLEIL-DCM / Netherlands - @VacansoleilDCM
Kris Boeckmans (BEL) @krisboeckmans
Juan Antonio Flecha (ESP)
Thomas De Gendt (BEL)
Johnny Hoogerland (NED) @zeeuwseleeuw
Sergey Lagutin (UZB)
Wouter Poels (NED)
Boy van Poppel (NED) @BVP88
Danny van Poppel (NED) @Dannyvanpoppel
Lieuwe Westra (NED) @lieuwewestra

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Beetroot Juice Recipe

I have been juicing for a little while now, and testing out a couple recipes to clear the taste of dirt out of the greens and roots that have been blending into frothy drinks. Cold veggies helps with the taste, and so does adding an apple to the mix. 

Today I gave this recipe a try: 

Beetroot Recipe 
2 Celery Stalks with leaves 
1 Apple with core removed and sliced for juicing 
3 Beetroot leaves and stalks 
1 Beetroot (chopped for juicing) 

 Drop all the ingredients in to your juicer, in that order, and you'll have a tasty veggie drink with a little sweetness from the apple.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beet Juice - Legal Doping Magical Root Veggie

If you are reading this, and have information to add to anything I have mentioned below, please feel free to leave a comment, or send me a tweet.  I am very interested in learning more about Nitrates from beetroots and the benefits to Endurance Athletes.

I have been doing a lot of reading about Beetroot Juice, and the benefits to endurance athletes of drinking the nitrate rich root.  I'm not a pro-athlete, far from it, but based on the research done it seems like the benefits to "middle of the pack" age-groups with "front of the pack" mentality can see some gains in reducing pulmonary oxygen uptake (VO₂).

Today I've started my own NON-Scientific test of using Beetroot Juice by both juicing my own beets, and using a "store-bought" product by Dynamic Health called Organic Beetroot Juice.

The label on the bottle claims "High Potency" and I've asked Dynamic Health for an estimate on now much Nitrate is contained per serving to come up with an idea of how much I'm getting from the bottled juice:
I'll be sure to include any correspondence with Dynamic Health as an update to this post if I get that information.  I also plan on adding Beet It Sport to the mix once I get around to ordering the stuff.  That is the actual product used in the studies I've read.  They seem to really know their stuff and I REALLY would rather be drinking Beet It Sport than anything else since they are truly focused on using the Beetroot Juice in Sport.

The Science
Here are a couple of the sources I've been reading:

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tempo Running is Fun

Tempo running is fun.  I was able to get out and have a great run this morning 5:00am.  It was pitch black outside so I ended up running the tempo portion on a half mile out and back loop in the middle the street under the lights. Good idea.

My goal pace was 6:50/mile for 3 miles tempo.

Mile 1 @ 6:41
Mile 2 @ 6:48
Mile 3 @ 6:44

Monday, June 24, 2013

Lucky Me - Lottery for Chevron Houston Marathon

I found out today that I was one of the lucky runners to be picked to compete in the Chevron Houston Marathon.  The Marathon Field is set at 13,000 runners, which is pretty massive.

I haven't set any goals yet for this race, but I can guess one of those goals will be to PR with a 3:15 or better.  I have a little time to work through those details before I start training for it in September.

Until then, I've got 4 more Triathlons and a couple of road races to complete in 2013.  It has been a couple of years since my last Marathon and I'm looking forward to the long runs around the city with friends!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Updated 2013 Triathlon Schedule

My recent move to Houston has had me rethinking my racing plan for 2013.  Instead of making road trips each weekend back up to North Texas, I've decided to look at the great Triathlons and Road Races of Houston and the surrounding areas.

Houston Triathlons and Houston Marathons are all over the place, and almost every weekend... including IRONMAN Texas in May.

My 2013 - 2014 Race Schedule

Registered Races
08/04/13 - Bridgeland Triathlon 

2013 - Possible Races

2014 - Possible Races
04/06/14 - IRONMAN 70.3 Texas
05/17/14 - IRONMAN Texas

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Boston Marathon Explosion

There was an explosion at the Boston Marathon today, bringing the race to an unthinkable and tragic end.  There are no words to explain how I feel about the incident, and I feel there are many out there who share that sentiment.  Simply put, our thoughts and prayers go out to all those involved and I hope that justice is served to those responsible for this incomprenhisble act of cowardice.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pintrest Motivation: How to use Pintrest to Motivate you to Run

These days, you can look to websites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, eHow, DIY, and others to gain a little perspective, knowledge, and guidance on how to build things, where to find things, how to network, and how to do something cool.

Pinterest is one of those sites.  It is social media wrapped up in pictures and videos "pinned" to various "Boards" that users create.  You can create as many boards as you want, and if you browse the site for just a few seconds you can see that people are pinning all sorts of random things they come across online.

I like Pinterest Pins of Built in Patio Kitchens. I also like Pinterest Pins of Running Quotes that are pasted across pictures of Runners, Swimmers, and Cyclists in training and races.  It is one thing to read a quote, but reading that same quote when it is associated with something visual like a picture of Steve Prefontaine crushing his competitors, takes it to another level.

Make your own that motivates you. It doesn't really matter what it is, as long as it impacts you in a way the prompts you to do your thing.  Run.

Have a look at my Pinterest Board and see what I mean: Pinterest Motivation

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Running More: How to ramp up the mileage

These past four weeks have been relatively active as I have gotten back in to running, and cycling. Still haven't made it to the pool, but I am really more interested in getting stronger on the run, and certainly on the bike.

Most of my runs have been during my lunch hour at work. That means treadmill running for as many quality minutes as I can squeeze in. I've been ramping up the time on the treadmill instead of focusing on mileage because the treadmill sucks and I mileage just isn't the same as on the road.

This makes ramping up the running duration and intensity fairly easy. Since I am only dealing with minutes, I can do 35 minutes on my easy days and 45-50 minutes on the harder days. Those harder days include intervals, hills, and anything else I can think of to make things interesting.

Best of all, I get a good workout and can stretch, shower, and walk back down the hall in about an hour. It is a nice way keep active during my busy schedule at home and work.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

How to Meet Runners on Twitter

Twitter is a great tool for communicating with people who share your enjoyment of running, triathlon, or any other sport.  The trick is knowing how to connect with those people in your area.

There are a couple of tactics that you can use, but one of the best ways to search Twitter for Athletes in your area is with Twitter Advanced Search.

You can define the location, search for specific text in the tweets, as well as look for hashtags that are unique to your search.

Here are a few highlights on the Advance Twitter Search Options:
  • You can search All Words, Any Words, Exact Phrases, or even searches to include "none of your selected words or phrases"
  • Location: Defaults to 15 miles, but you can change this after your first search
  • Hashtag Searches: Boolean search any terms you want
Here is a sample of my search:
Location: Houston, TX
Hastags: #triathlon OR 5k OR 10k

Check out Twitter Advanced Search

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Perfect run pacing? Good or Bad?

I read an article today on Runnersworld.com. It basically illustrated the running habits of some of the fastest runners in the world and how those habits are quite contrarian to the mainstream thinking of pacing yourself through your training runs.

It was an interesting look at the mentality behind these insane efforts that these runners will put themselves through. Much of it is for money, since winning or placing in the money for much of these runners will change their quality of life immediately.

It is definitely worth the time to read, and maybe even try at your next group training session. Go all out and explode, if not, you might be settling for a slower PR.

Link to the actual Runners World article:

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

101 Things to do for a healthy 2012

Last year was a blur, and even more so when it comes to my triathlon training, or simply running for that matter. Lack luster does not come near my activity as an athlete and because of it, my activity on this blog suffered as well.

In an attempt to revive where I left off in January 2012, I put my list of 101 things to do in 2013 together in much of the same way. Give it a look and try a few of them out.

Your body will thank you.

101 Fit and Healthy Things to do in 2012
01) Run a 5k
02) Run a 10k
03) Run a 1/2 Marathon
04) Run a Marathon
05) Run a Sprint Triathlon
06) Run an Olympic Distance Triathlon
07) Run a 1/2 Ironman
08) Participate in a group training run
09) Swim at least 1 mile non-stop
10) Join a local running club
11) Join a local triathlon club
12) Ride your bike 100 miles in one day
13) Take a yoga class
14) Take a spin class
15) See a nutritionist
16) Consult a training coach
17) Get your body fat tested
18) Get a stress test done
19) Get a physical
20) Subscribe to a running or health magazine
21) Swim an open water swim
22) Ride your bike to work
23) Workout at lunch, eat lunch at your desk
24) Run a trail race in the woods
25) Encourage a "non runner" to run a 5k
26) Tell your coworkers that you're a runner
27) Tell a stranger that you're a runner
28) Buy a race photo from your next event
29) Get fit by a professional on your bike
30) Buy and/or use a heart rate monitor
31) Map your favorite run to share with others
32) Invite a neighbor to go for a walk or run
33) Keep a training diary
34) Run a race for time
35) Run a race for fun
36) Keep current training goal by your bed
37) Stretch after every workout
38) Read an inspirational workout quote once a week
39) Come up with your own inspirational workout quote
40) Go to the Dr. at the first sign of a chest cold
41) Drink more water
42) Detox for at least a week
43) Stop drinking coffee for a week and switch with tea
44) Eat breakfast every day for at least a week
45) Achieve a healthy level of body fat percentage
46) Find a running partner in another state to email regularly
47) Run with a dog
48) Run with your significant other
49) Read a book on running
50) Clear your sinus with a Netti Pot
51) Run in the morning before work
52) Go for a night run (with lights and reflective gear!)
53) Ride a bike to a lunch destination with friends
54) Ride your bike for charity
55) Participate in a charity race/fun run
56) Run a race or ride in a state other than where you live
57) Make your own home made smoothies for a week
58) Buy your next pair of running shoes from a specialty store
59) Learn to patch a flat on your bike the right way
60) Help a fellow rider fix a flat tire on his/her bike
61) Wear sunscreen year round
62) Set a personal record on your favorite training run
63) Set a personal record at your favorite race
64) Pay for a friends race registration to get them started
65) Bake your own energy bars
66) Eat 2-3 servings of fish for at least one week per month
67) Learn what portion control means for you
68) Get 30 minutes a day of activity when not working out
69) Control your sodium intake. Know what you need.
70) Increase your antioxidant rich foods
1) Floss your teeth to fight off bacteria
72) Strength train at least 10 minutes per day
73) Wipe down your exercise equipment at the gym after use
74) Set realistic weight loss (or gain) goals
75) Donate your old running shoes to charity
76) Know when to change your old running shoes out for new ones
77) Take an ice bath after your long runs
78) Shave your legs before any distance triathlon
79) Share a swim lane with a weaker swimmer than you
80) Share a swim lane with a stronger swimmer than you
81) Swim, Bike, and Run in morning at the gym
82) Swim 1 mile before a 1 hour spin class
83) Run 3 miles after a 1 hour spin class
84) Cut your toe nails before long runs
85) Run at conversational pace with friends and talk
86) Run without a stop watch at least once a week
87) Run without an HR monitor at least once a week
88) Run with your favorite music
89) Run without music and listen to yourself breath
90) Practice breathing from both sides during the swim
91) Tape up your workout schedule in your office
92) Volunteer at a local fun run/race
93) Look both ways before crossing the street
94) Cross train
95) Count your calories not your carbs
96) Get more sleep
97) Regulate your alcohol intake
98) Quit smoking if you are a smoker!
99) Motivate yourself to stay healthy!
100) Believe in yourself to stay healty!
101) Blog about your healthy lifestyle!

  Sunday run in the rain.