Sunday, October 6, 2013

Marathon Training Week 1 of 16 - Summary

The first week of marathon training went well.  It started out a little slow on Monday and Tuesday with some tight hamstring issues that were left over from the 10k on Saturday, but the multiple slow distance runs helped to work that out.  Unlike last year, I'm really starting this training session from a very limited base.  Thankfully, this plan ramps up slow enough that I can keep up with the distances and intensity, while keeping a close eye on the tight hamstrings that are bound to creep up. 
  • Week 1 Miles: 27
  • Houston Marathon Training Miles to Date: 27
The long run of 10 miles turned out easier than I thought it would be, although running in a new area with no idea where the water stops were (if any) was a mental challenge.  I was probably near my threshold of needing fluids, but since I was running so slowly I avoided the bonk.
I need to start running with a water bottle, and I'm thinking of the Simple Hydration bottle.  I hate carrying a water bottle, and can't fathom a hydration belt dangling from my waist for 1.5 to 2 hours on a long run.  It is also small enough to fit in the cup holder of the treadmill, so that is a bonus.
Speaking of treadmills, I did a hill workout and another slow easy pace workout on the treadmill this week.  I plan on another hill workout on the treadmill this week, and will probably try my marathon pace on the treadmill as well.
Getting back to hydration, sweat rate seems to be a crucial factor when trying to figure out how much to drink on the run, and when to drink.  I plan on weighing myself before and after each workout, and to log how much I am losing in contrast to how much I am putting in.  I'll do this indoors and outdoors to get a good gauge of my hydration needs as I move closer to the marathon.  I'll try out my findings in the upcoming races before January.
Good first week.  My goals for Week 2 are:
  • Keep the Hamstrings loose
  • Weigh before and after each workout with detailed enviromental stats
  • Hydrate on the long run
  • Hill Workout on the Tredmill
  • Marathon Pace on the Treadmill

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