Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Taking Time Off before the Marathon

The time off from marathon training continues. The holiday season has me running around early and late and my focus on running has, once again, taken a backburner to all the other activities that we have going on as a family (and at work).

I am slowly beginning to realize that I am not going to have the race that I hoped for when I signed up for the Houston Marathon. My goal to PR might be a total long shot at this point and with 25 days left before the marathon, there is no magic hot tub time machine that will take me back 3 weeks to pick up where I left off.

So, winter marathon racing might not be the best idea for a growing family and a very busy work life. Sure, there are a ton of people that do it, and do it well. They make sacrifice time with the family to make sure they keep up the 60+ miles per week they need to stay on top of their game and to PR their next race.

I'm not ready for that type of sacrifice. Time with my family is too important, even if it is a few extra minutes with my kids before they go to bed or in the morning as they get ready for their day. I love to run. I mean, I really love to run. My family is more important though, and hanging out with them does not compare to my love of running. It is not even on the same scale.

Long story short, this has been a great training season and I'm looking to have fun at the Houston Marathon, see old friends, and have a good day of running. The best thing of all, my family will be there... and that is what makes all of this worth while.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Houston Marathon Training Update

The past 2 weeks have been anything but Marathon Training. After taking a planned 5 days off from the training plan, I have added another 5 days of no running to the growing list. What does this mean for my race goal? Well, I still have not figured that out yet.

It seems like every time I set out to train for a big event, I always end up taking some time off within the last 2 months of training.  This happened with the Dallas Marathon I completed a couple of years ago, and history is repeating itself with my Houston Marathon Training.

Instead of freaking out, I'm embracing the time off... spending time with family and friends. Next week I will jump back in to the full stride of training and pick up where I left off at 60+ mile weeks and early morning runs.

My Marathon PR might not be in reach, but I can say I haven't missed a beat this holiday season hanging out with my friends and family... and that balance is what all of this is really all about.

  Sunday run in the rain.